M3 Motivation | About Peter


M3 Motivation has a vision to enhance our life situation and perform to our full potential in our personal life, in business, sport and education. We want people to learn how to make the most of their life by maximizing the power of the mind.

Founded by Peter Mischefski with assistance from his son Andrew - BSc Psychology. Peter delivers tailored programmes based around the understanding of "metacognition" and how it helps us cope with stress, enhance performance whilst making us feel good. This dynamic can be applied to virtually any situation in life.

Peter is a snooker champion, family man and businessman. He is also a brain injury survivor who believes it’s important to go back to the basics and work on ‘how’ we think, as opposed to ‘what’ we think.

Peter brings a life time of experience to deliver vibrant and interactive sessions. “The balancing act of managing expectations and accepting reality at the same time as striving for perfection and reaching goals plays a major part in these presentations,” he says.

“When something like that happens, you change your views on life and discover what’s really important. Number one is being happy.”

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