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Client Comments

10th Sep 2018

To whom it may concern,
My name is Dave Judd and I am the team manager for the New Zealand U21s snooker team and had met Peter Mischefski back in April this year at our national coaching academy held in New Plymouth.

Peter was brought in to show and tell the team of his M3 programme that Peter runs. I was exceptionally pleased in the way he presented his programme to the team. Our team ranged from the ages of 9 to 20 years of age.

It was then decided to have 3 of the more senior members to further Peters programme leading up to the IBSF world champs in china later in the year.

The mentoring and psychological part of our sport is the hardest to take in and with Peters programme proved and showed at the world champs for the 3 of the lads with success of one of the lads furthering him to the knock out stages of the tournament. One thing I have noticed with Peter he is dedicated to what he does and communicates very well whoever he is mentoring. The NZBSA will be using Peter’s services in the future to further our players young or old to represent New Zealand in the future.

I am pleased and privileged to have met Peter and what he does for all sports around NZ and abroad, I would certainly recommend Peter to any sporting person to further their winning ways in sport.

Dave Judd
NZBSA, Secretary

I had the opportunity to sit down with Peter from M3 Motivation over the weekend to help me improve the mental side of my sport.
Peter has an amazing program set out to help people improve their mindset for a range of things from anxiety, sport and work. I highly recommend getting in contact with peter if you’re looking to improve in any area of life. It’s a very eye opening experience.
Thanks again peter for your time and expertise.

Luke Jones
A1 New Zealand Squash Player

Hey Peter, got a good story for you today

We had a qualifying round today and on the 3rd hole one of my team mates that I was playing with said something that made me extremely @#%$$ed off but I focused hard on applying the observation of thought to be in control of my thoughts and it was seriously amazing to see. I guarantee last year the continuous thought of what he said to me would’ve chewed me up. But the way I supported myself in continuing to be in control of my thoughts was seriously brilliant. Thank you for this, we’re gonna do great things!

M3 Motivation is currently working with 19 year old New Zealand golfer Ethan Jones. Ethan is on a scratch handicap studying at West Georgia University U.S.A.

In 2011 I approached Peter and asked if he could coach me. At the time I was struggling with myself and my darts. At that time I was ranked 16th in the New Zealand Rankings. With the help of Peter and setting small goals I am learning more about myself and how to reach my inner potential, I am able to achieve goals, one goal being to play in TV Tournaments and improve my New Zealand ranking.

I am now ranked 3rd in New Zealand won numerous dart tournaments and made the World Stage Series three times (Sky Sports). I have made the New Zealand Team three times and have just won the New Zealand Champs Dart Nationals in Rotorua. I am still working with Peter to this day and I can feel that I can only get better with the skills Peter is teaching me. I shall continue my journey with Peter and M3Motivation to achieve the best darts in the future.

Through this journey Peter has been incredible and easy to talk to and understand.

Mark Cleaver “Maestro”

The presentation and motivational content has far outweighed my expectation. Understanding metacognition has enabled me to take control of the very moment and being aware that the present moment is your sole focus lets you breathe and listen to yourself.

The ability to understand the gap between reacting and being conscious of your decision is most rewarding when you know you are doing it.
Peter, keep learning and growing this as the world is your oyster.

Joshua Prestige
Taranaki rugby referee.

I first met Peter 12 months ago. During the past few months whilst going through an extremely difficult time, Peter has saved me from what would have turned into an extremely stressful and complicated situation. His guidance has been amazing and something I never thought possible as I was sure at my age I was set in my ways. He has completely changed my outlook on life and taught me how to deal with stressful situations when they arise for which I will be eternally grateful.

Angela Parr

Our 11 year old son started having episodes that resembled seizures from the age of 4 years old. To start with they were like small stutters with facial movement but as time went on they progressively got worse similar to full epileptic attacks. Our GP referred us to a pediatrician who diagnosed his condition as epilepsy and he was put on a low dose medication.

Over time his episodes got worse and his medication was increased. They continued to get worse and his medication continued increasing. He was now 10 years old and not functioning as a normal kid. He was often sent home from school because of continuous episodes and having ambulance trips to A & E was becoming the norm. We could not take him anywhere just in case things got bad as he was having 10 – 15 fits daily, falling on the ground, unable to speak and shaking uncontrollably. This was not only terrifying for him and us but for those around him.

We were sent to Starship and it was discovered that he had been misdiagnosed. He was having panic attacks that were getting worse because of the frequency he was panicking about having them. The smallest thing would unbalance his mind and he would panic, his body reacting by having these seizures. They were even happening in his sleep, his mind was not shutting off even then.

Through coincidence and a mutual friend we met Peter. He has been a fantastic tool in helping our son regain control of his mind. He has become a normal kid again. Peter has enabled our son to move forward in his life. To not sweat the small stuff and how to deal with new situations. Something that was impossible just a short time before. We found Peter’s assistance amazing. He has achieved so much in such a short time, and we will be forever grateful for his help and our son has gained a lifelong friend.

Peter and Katy George

That was unbelievable! Excellent presentation and knowledge passed on. Very good examples of daily life thing as well as current affairs.
Thank you very much for doing this! Please come back again!

Kashif Shuja
Squash player ranked inside top 100 in world

Over the past few months we have worked together to bring a refreshed objective to the purpose of a Project Manager. At face value this would seem to be a simple exercise of discussing the relevant perspectives of cost, schedule, quality and leadership with the latter being the trickiest to nail down. Our conversations have ranged further than that and, I believe, we have begun to focus on those issues that really matter particularly surrounding understanding where we are now and the importance of relationships. I think we now both agree that managing relationships is the bottom line; the most important thing for a project manager to do successfully.

To that end you have given 2 talks to our Project Management Institute (PMI) monthly meetings both of which have caused the attendees to stop and reflect a little about where they are at and what is important to consider in solving day to day problems. The feedback has been interesting with some departing confused and unconvinced that they would think deeper. However, I believe that the majority have left these meetings with the kernel of a deeper consideration that can be further nurtured. This has been down to your presentation style and obvious passion for what you do and for that I am very happy to recommend you to any other group who is wanting to see further than the blinding obvious!

Chris Sleap
Senior Projects Manager, CloughAmecBeca (CAB)

As a ranked New Zealand dart player I have been working with Peter Mischefski and M3 Motivation for the last year and what he has done for me and my game is incredible. Peter has made me look at the game in a whole new way that I have never looked at it before, to believe in myself and show me how to overcome the nerves.

Working with Peter has been the best thing for me. He makes me feel good in myself and that’s got to be good because if you feel good in yourself it makes the game that much easier. To believe in yourself and feel good in yourself is a skill in its self. Thanks to Peter he is showing me these new skills and it is showing in my darts. Working with M3 Motivation has been the best so thank you Peter. I look forward to working with you more. It’s just the start of much more to come!

Mark Cleaver

Pete bought with him his seemingly unlimited knowledge and experience and continues to provide us with priceless information. His ability to pass on his experience and knowledge in a practical way has been amazing. Peter also has an uncanny way of being able to listen to your problems, put them into perspective and offer solutions that are logical.

Grant and Lorraine Best
Directors, TET Multisports Centre

I first heard Peter Mischefski talk at a Lions Meeting on Motivation and we decided to have him come and talk to our Staff at Mountain Motors.
Peter ran a very informal and relaxing meeting with the Staff who all really enjoyed his motto of “Feel good = performance = results.” Leaving us all thinking about our attitude, our goals and ourselves in life. We would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Peter to other businesses just to hear him talk on “Life skills”, Positive attitudes” and “You can do it"

Thank you Peter.

Colleen Moore
Office Manager, Mountain Motors

Pete has excellent people skills. His ability to listen and respect others enables him to develop people’s personal strengths in and out of the workplace.

Jonathan Keegan
Director, Keegan Electrical

Pete delivered a brilliant presentation which every single one of us could relate to. Since then, it has had a positive effect to our working environment. Everyone took something from the presentation and all of us found it to be fantastic and very motivational. Pete offered a whole new outlook on life and keeping things simple and positive. Thanks so much Pete.

The Team at Keegan Electrical

We used Peter Mischefski for the first time last season as a motivator for our team and witnessed a total change in the player’s attitudes towards what we were trying to achieve.

We had been performing at the same level for a number of years and Peter suggested to the team that if we did the same stuff again we would get the same results so we need to do things a bit different.

Initially we used Peter at the preseason stage but as we went through the season we used him more and more until he became part of the team systems.
We have engaged the services of Peter again this season and are already starting to see the benefits with the players doing a lot more preseason work than has been done in previous years.

Whether it be goal setting, motivating or brain stimulation I would recommend Peter to anyone who is looking to get more out of a team or individual be it in sport or work.

Chris Drummond
Head Coach Stratford Premier Rugby Team