Enhance Performance

How to bring your best sports performance to the contest

Athletes are evolving, getting faster, stronger and mentally smarter. We are constantly told that we must show mental toughness and be focussed on winning! Yes of course we must want to win but this is the old way and just happens to be the core error!

The win, or the result is in a future moment, a moment we have no control over begging the question - what are we in control of? The only thing we are truly in control of is our level of consciousness at this moment, which determines the quality of our thinking. This in turn determines the quality of our actions, which will naturally enhance the chances of achieving the desired outcome.

There are days when you play well and there are days you play poorly. This tells me that there are two of you, the good you and the poor you.
“You have a game tomorrow at 2pm,” which one of you is going to turn up? The 15 minutes before the match is crucial! It is not the time to be thinking of winning or reminding yourself of the keys to winning. If you have left that until just before the match you have left it too late! This is the time to free your mind of clutter and uncertainty and instead, be crystal clear and alert. It’s the time to make sure the best you has arrived and you are ready to perform.

So how do we do this? By employing the dynamic that is “Metacognition”. If you google the term you will get definitions like “knowing the knowing”, which I believe is very powerful or “thinking about thinking” which I believe is part of the problem and just more thinking. The M3 Motivation definition of the term is “The Observation of Thought” and by observation, I mean to just observe, without judgement and without reaction. The moment we employ metacognition we are by default, “in control” of our thoughts because they are not controlling us and tossing us around like a rag doll! Once we realise and feel the power of “metacognition” we can then take control over where and what our attention is on.

In order to produce the best possible performance it is CRUCIAL to be giving COMPLETE attention to the now, the process, THIS VERY MOMENT!

I believe everybody on the planet should be aware of “metacognition”, what it is, how it works and how to use it. It is a crucial step on the way to achieving that elite sport performance.

M3 Motivation has developed a program to achieve this and to find out more, email peter@m3motivation.co.nz