Overcome Anxiety

What is Anxiety? Anxiety is quite simply the fear of a future moment!

The human mind is a powerful tool, but it is powerful in both directions, positive and negative. For centuries humans have been conditioned to think and then think some more, then think about what we are thinking about. It just goes on and on and we get to the point where we become addicted to thinking and totally controlled by thought. Ninety percent of our thinking is either is involuntary and or repetitive, which means most of it is of very little or no value and all it does is raise levels of anxiety, stress, tension and even depression!

The answer to overcoming Anxiety? To employ the dynamic that is “Metacognition”. If you google the term you will get definitions like “knowing the knowing”, which I believe is very powerful or “thinking about thinking” which is part of the problem and just more thinking. The M3 Motivation definition of the term is “The Observation of Thought” and by observation, I mean to just observe, without judgement and without reaction. The moment we employ metacognition we are by default “in control” of our thoughts because they are not controlling us and tossing us around like a rag doll! Once we realise and feel the power of “metacognition” we can then take control over where and what our attention is on. The best place for our attention to be is on the present, the now, the process of whatever we are doing at this very moment. It is all about giving the present moment our COMPLETE attention!

This practice MUST improve the quality of what ever we are doing, making life calm but exciting and more productive. It will prevent symptoms of anxiety taking control of you. I believe every body on the planet should be aware of “metacognition”, what it is, how it works and how to use it.

M3 Motivation has developed a program to do this and to find out more, email peter@m3motivation.co.nz